How Conversations Worth Having Can Enhance Your Professional Certification

Jun 20, 2024
Two professional individuals seated and looking at a laptop representing how one might consider the benefits of adding CWH training to existing professional certifications.

Have you ever wondered how Conversations Worth Having (CWH) training could amplify the impact of your current professional certification?

If you've invested in certifications like Certified ScrumMaster, SHRM Certified Professional, Certified Management Consultant, International Coaching Federation, or Certified Professional in Training Management, then CWH training can truly enhance the value of these credentials.

What makes this possible? Effective communication is at the heart of success in any role. CWH training is designed to cultivate positive and productive conversations, which can significantly enhance your professional effectiveness.

  • For Certified ScrumMasters, for example, the ability to communicate clearly and collaboratively is essential for team success. This training can help you manage team dynamics more smoothly, resolve conflicts swiftly, and boost overall productivity.
  • If you’re a SHRM Certified Professional, you know the importance of strong employee relations and conflict resolution. Imagine increasing employee satisfaction and retention through more effective communication—it's a huge win for any HR professional.
  • Certified Management Consultants can also reap significant benefits. Enhanced communication skills can lead to deeper, more meaningful client interactions, improving client satisfaction and unlocking new business opportunities.
  • For Certified Professionals in Training Management, this training can help you create more engaging and effective learning environments, leading to better learner outcomes and higher satisfaction with your training programs.
  • And for Certified Coaches, consider how this training can elevate your practice. Navigating complex client relationships with greater ease and fostering stronger, more trusting partnerships can help your clients gain deeper insights and motivation for positive change.

Even small improvements in communication can lead to significant productivity gains and greater professional success. Plus, incorporating CWH practices can set you apart in your field, enhancing your reputation and opening doors for career advancement.

Take your proven skills to the next level! Learn more about our fall Conversation Bootcamp and Strategic Conversations Bootcamp. Discounts available for early registration or groups of 3 or more from the same organization. 

Shared by: Kelly Stewart , a certified Conversations Worth Having trainer, co-founder of the CWH Institute, Inc., certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, and founder of The Positive Business. Why do I feel this post is important to share? Because I believe there's an almost singular focus on "what's broken" or "what missing," that over time has become like the sound of one hand clapping. However, on the other hand, the Conversations Worth Having practices help us look for possibilities in problems, for opportunities in challenges and change, and for ways to deepen the human relationships that help us do what we do in unique and inspiring ways. The CWH practices enhance or complete other methodologies and approaches in ways that make us feel better about ourselves, our work, and the people who are essential to our success. That's noteworthy because when we feel better we think and do better, and I believe, that's an insight worth writing about.





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