About the CWH Institute

Those involved with the Conversations Worth Having community or who are using the CWH toolsĀ know that the simple practices we bring to people changeĀ lives for the better, improve relationships, and make it possible to co-create our futures together.Ā  We can create a world that works for everyone, we simply have to change our conversations. And that is the long and short of the CWH Institute.

Our Purpose

Our why, our true north

Unleash the inner potential of people to live more meaningful and successful lives whileĀ co-creating environments that allow living systems to flourish.

Conversation is the basic building block in the lives of every person and all organizations. What better place to begin.Ā 

Our Mission

What We Do...

We expand peopleā€™s awareness of the inherent potential of their words, empowering them to use their conversations to create productive and meaningful engagement. We do this by teaching and practicing tuning in plus two simple practices: asking generative questions and using positive framing.

The results:

  • Connection and well-being.
  • Belonging and healing.
  • Learning and continuous growth.
  • Reinvention of the way people work, live, and play together.
  • Sustainable, equitable, and just systems that work for all.

Our Vision

Our Aspiration...

Everyoneā€™s conversations inspire flourishing* for all people and across all living systems around the world.

*Flourishing: feeling good and functioning well, having a sense of peace, harmony, and joy. When someone is flourishing they experience positive emotions, positive interest, and engagement with the world around them, and meaning and purpose in their lives most of the time.

Our Values

How We Do Our Work...

Collaborative Learning: We grow and evolve.

Conscious Action: We are intentional in our practice.

Two Simple Practices: We practice Appreciative Inquiry.

Respond and Adapt: We make CWH accessible.

Focus on Generative Outcomes: We co-create the future.

Foster Equitable Systems: We disrupt and reinvent social systems.


One Operating Principle

Our guide for action...

Any individual or group in the CWH community can do anything they want, at any scale, and in any manner, so long as it aligns with our purpose, mission, and core values and advances our vision.

We invite you to join the CWH community and bring your joy, ideas, and passion to this important work.