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Communication is a top issue for organizations, teams and relationships. Get the tools needed to establish communication practices that will support productivity, engagement, high performance, regular feedback, positivity, and a culture of "we".

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Step Into Your Capacity to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement

Communication is a top issue for organizations, teams, and relationships. Reap the benefits of a Conversations Worth Having program:

  • Engagement, enthusiasm, and commitment
  • High performance¬†teams
  • Routine feedback to promote continuous learning
  • Creativity and innovation¬†
  • Inclusivity, trust, and mutual respect: a culture of ‚Äúwe‚ÄĚ

The Conversation Bootcamp is an intensive, experiential workshop grounded in the Conversations Worth Having practices. It is available as an on-demand course, a live virtual bootcamp, or as customized in-person training for your organization. 

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We also offer a Strategic Conversations Bootcamp

To learn more about this bootcamp, visit the Strategic Conversation Bootcamp page. Sign up for both and save on each bootcamp!

Bootcamp Modules Overview:

Module 1: The Power of Conversation

PURPOSE: Understand how the nature of your conversations affects others, and recognize the importance of self- and other-awareness on your ability to be successful. Learn a strategy to support conscious awareness and the ability to choose how you communicate. 


  • Experience the nature of your conversations and the effects they have on you and others.
  • Choose to be intentional with your conversations.
  • Use mindfulness tools to shift reactionary communication to deliberate conversation.

Module 2: The Art of Asking Questions

PURPOSE: Understand the basics of Appreciative Inquiry and improve your ability to ask generative questions to foster effective communication.


  • Experience the impact Appreciative Inquiry has on individual and organizational capacity.
  • Choose curiosity over knowing and assuming.
  • Use generative questions to shift the dynamics of personal and workplace communication problems.

Module 3: Intentional Framing

PURPOSE: Use positive framing to intentionally foster effective communication and continue to develop your ability to ask generative questions.


  • Experience flipping negative conversations to conversations worth having.
  • Use flipping to frame workplace communication issues.
  • Develop generative questions to fuel productive and meaningful engagement around workplace challenges.

Module 4: Step Up to Feedback

PURPOSE: Develop the skill and the motivation to routinely seek out feedback and promptly provide effective feedback, even in the most critical of situations.


  • Experience and choose to change feedback avoidance patterns.
  • Adopt a learning mindset to support openness and interest in feedback.
  • Use effective feedback strategies with common workplace situations.


Conversation Bootcamp Learning Outcomes:

You will walk away prepared to:

  • Keep your cool when you want to explode!
  • Effectively challenge assumptions and preconceptions, including yours.
  • Deal with conflict quickly and effectively.
  • Fuel productive and meaningful engagement.
  • Communicate successfully with people who hold negative attitudes or defensive positions.


  • Give and receive critical feedback in ways that promote learning and high performance.
  • Ask the kind of questions that deepen understanding, strengthen connections, and inspire possibility.
  • Talk with colleagues in ways that invite them to collaborate on projects and strategic outcomes.
  • Listen with genuine curiosity.
  • Frame any conversation, even one around a highly complex problem, to inspire creative and innovative thinking and solutions.

“As a direct result of this Conversation Bootcamp, I have increased the value and results of the conversations that I have with my family, community leaders, and my organization. I am more confident in framing questions and conversations for sustainable action.”

Dr. Suzette Brown,
Education and Consulting

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Virtual or in-person training to meet the specific needs of your organization, community, or team.

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Participate in two 2.5 hour LIVE webinars that cover the 4 Conversation Bootcamp modules with applied learning and practice.

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