Kelly Stewart

Delaware, United States

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Kelly has a natural desire to bring out the best in an organization. This comes from a long background of leadership experience in Client Services, New Business Development, and Marketing where she was both the "face of the company" and the "voice of the client." Some of her favorite stories of helping organizations move forward are in small and mid-sized B2B companies as well non-profit and social service organizations and grant-making foundations.  

Throughout this time, Kelly's noticed the organizations that grow through change are ones where people proactively ask, “What can we do?" instead of reactively pondering “What are we going to do now?”

As a certified Conversations Worth Having Trainer, Strategic Conversations Facilitator, and co-founder of the CWH Institute, Inc., she's committed to helping leaders at all levels of an organization shift the conversation away from a feeling of being “stuck” to one of empowerment in ways that feel like natural next steps.

Kelly is a seasoned presenter, strategic planning facilitator, speaker, and consultant. She’s among the ≈10% of the population that loves public speaking. Because of that, she’s always had a heightened awareness about the power of words. Today, she is exclusively focused on helping organizations achieve better results through better conversations that help them collaborate, innovate, and implement new plans. She’s successfully utilized the SOAR Strategic Planning framework (Stavros and Hinrichs) to develop strategy, branding and messaging, marketing plans, and a variety of other short-term initiatives made possible through the What If You Could? Workshop she created. She delivers online and in-person bootcamps designed to help people learn and use the CWH frameworks and frequently presents the principles of both – with or without a microphone and a stage.

In today’s modern market, Kelly believes that “doing well by doing good” is the business imperative of our time. She’s deeply committed to helping organizations have conversations about how they create real value for others ultimately making it easier for them to differentiate, reach, and resonate with all of the people essential to their success.