CWH at the Beach!

Jun 07, 2024
A pair of sunglasses on top of a small mound of sand with the ocean and horizon in the background.

While we haven’t reached the official beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, some long-standing indicators are present in my area: the weather’s getting hot and sticky, and people are planning picnics, bonfires, and outdoor movie nights. Others are headed to the beach (or “down the shore” if you live in New Jersey).

If sandy shores and ocean waves are in your plans, incorporating Conversations Worth Having practices can help make your beach day an even more memorable and meaningful experience. And if this is a beach get-away for one; be sure to pack your journal and get into a great conversation with your inner dialogue!

We invite you to give these a try!


Sandcastle Storytelling
While building sandcastles, share stories or memories related to the beach, vacations, or summer adventures. Encourage questions like:

“What’s your favorite beach memory?”
“If you could create a magical kingdom, what would it look like?”

Beach Walk Reflections
Take a long walk along the shoreline and use the time to talk about personal goals, dreams, or reflections. Use prompts such as:

“What’s something you’ve learned about yourself recently?”
“What’s a goal you have for the rest of the year?”

Seashell Collections and Conversations
As you gather seashells, discuss what you find interesting about each one. Insightful inquiries include:

“What do you think this shell’s journey was like?”
“How does this shell’s uniqueness reflect something about you?” 

Ocean-Inspired Creativity
Create art inspired by the ocean. Discuss what you’re creating and why, and ask:

“What does the ocean symbolize for you?”
“How does creating art by the sea make you feel?”

Water Play and Wonder
Use time swimming or playing in the water to discuss adventurous experiences or dreams. Questions might be:

“What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?”
“If you could explore any part of the ocean, where would you go?”

Beach Games and Bonding
After a game of volleyball, frisbee or paddleball, discuss teamwork and fun moments. Ask:

“What was your favorite part of the game?”
“How did we work together to succeed?”

Sunset Reflections
While reveling in a serene sunset, reflect on the day and discuss future aspirations. Questions could include:

“What was the highlight of your day?”
“How do sunsets make you feel about the passage of time?”

Starry Night Talks
If possible, stay after dark to stargaze. Share thoughts about the universe, dreams, and possibilities. Ask questions like:

“What do you think is out there among the stars?”
“How do you feel when you look at the night sky?”


Most importantly, enjoy your time at the beach! And if you come back refreshed and ready to learn more about Conversations Worth Having, register for the Fall training.

Shared by: Kelly Stewart , a certified Conversations Worth Having trainer, co-founder of the CWH Institute, Inc., and founder of The Positive Business. My Mom kept an immaculately clean house - the kind where people wondered if anyone really lived there. I think it's part of the reason why I'm someone who likes the beach, but not the sand. I was trained to remove every grain of sand before returning home. However, give me a chair and an umbrella, and I'm good for the day! It feels as if there's room for some personal growth here; what question do you suggest I reflect on to open myself up to the full beach experience?

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash



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