Monday Kickstarter: September 14, 2020

Sep 14, 2020
Turn stressful interactions and challenges into conversations worth having in our free Monday Kickstarter events.

Monday Kickstarters is a working session designed for everyone on the call to figure out how to have conversations worth having when faced with a tough situation or problem. The process is based upon the book, Conversations Worth Having. The way it works:

  1. Anyone with an issue, challenge, or negative situation types it in the chat box.
  2. We choose one issue at a time; the person who posted the issue is in the “driver’s seat.”
  3. Everyone on the call offers the flip: the positive opposite of the issue.  The “driver” chooses the flip that most reflects what they see as the positive opposite.
  4. Everyone on the call then offers a suggestion for a positive frame: the desired outcome if the flip were true. The “driver” chooses the frame that best fits their desired outcome.
  5. Then everyone offers generative questions, posting them to a whiteboard. These are questions to engage stakeholders in a conversation that will move them towards the desired outcome.

You can listen live on the Conversations Worth Having YouTube Channel.

Here are the topics brought forward by our guests, the positive frame (desired outcome) for the conversation, and generative questions that were developed on Monday, September 14!

  1. The positive opposite: My colleagues do want to do something.
  2. Positive frame: Our works gets done collaboratively, quickly, and happily.

As you look at the questions people asked, think to yourself: Does this question spark a conversation I’d like to be in? Does it invite all the stakeholders into the conversation? Does this question help us discover how we can get our work done collaboratively, quickly, and happily?


The “driver” already posted the positive opposite, so the group went directly to exploring a positive frame. The driver choose the positive frame: Trust, open communication, synergy, and a sense of camaraderie even in a virtual environment.

Again, as you consider each question: Does it invite all the stakeholders into the conversation? Does it spark a conversation you’d like to be in? Does this question help a group discover how they might build and maintain trust, open communication, synergy, and a sense of camaraderie as they work virtually?


This too is the positive opposite, already a flip to talk about what they wanted instead of what they didn’t want.  The positive frame: Clear priorities and energy management.

Which of these questions: Invite them to discover their own strengths or abilities to achieve the outcome? Have them in an internal conversation that builds capacity? Help them discover how they can set clear priorities and manage their energy?

  1. The flip or positive opposite: Zoom excitement and energy
  2. The positive frame: Recognizing the positive impact of an upcoming Zoom meeting before it happens/being visionary.

Notice the difference in some of these questions. The “driver” wanted to know more about how to recognize ahead of time that an upcoming Zoom meeting was going to be valuable so they didn’t dread the next call. Which of these generative questions will help the “driver” discover how to do that? Which of these questions are more geared at creating energizing Zoom calls? These are all good questions AND the focus/frame is important to keep in mind. Make sure the questions you ask generate stories, information, and possibilities for how to move towards your desired outcome!


Bring your own challenging situation! To view the video from this Monday Kickstarter session, please visit our YouTube Channel, Conversations Worth Having. Monday Kickstarter September 14 2020.

To learn more about fostering conversations worth having, visit the website and download your conversation toolkit, read or listen to Conversations Worth Having: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement, and sign up for a Conversation Bootcamp.


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