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Our videos are a great way to deepen your skill in turning all interactions into conversations worth having! We've spotlighted a few videos here. See all of our videos on our YouTube Channel.
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Turn Polarizing Interactions into Conversations Worth Having

This Learning Lab, with Tara Kuiper's, Fran Van Houten, and Jane Woods, shows you how to shift the way you engage so you can connect instead of polarize conversations.

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What Kind of Conversations are You Having?

The nature of our conversation makes all the difference in our relationships, wellbeing, and success. We can devalue people, situations and opportunities with our words, or we can add value and appreciate what is.

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Create a Positive Frame to Solve Problems

Monday Kickstarters is an opportunity for anyone in our community to get help flipping a problem into a conversation worth having. This video demonstrates one of our Kickstarter session during the pandemic.

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Now for a little fun...


Conversation Bootcamp Bloopers

If you've ever tried to create your own videos, then you'll appreciate how many times we had to start over. Here are some scenes from sections that got cut. Please join us in laughing at ourselves!

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Flip the Negative!

A short but poignant summary of how to flip negative interactions into conversations worth having. The lesson of tuning in (pause, breathe, and get curious) is the key being intentional

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