The CWH Affiliate Program


Join us in co-creating a global movement of conversations worth having! 

Invite others to unleash their inner potential to live more meaningful and successful lives by changing the way they engage. 


What is the CWH Affiliate Program?

One way we collaborate to bring CWH to more people is through our Affiliate Program. Affiliates invite others to register for CWH Programs and purchase products using their private affiliate link. When someone registers using that link, affiliates earn a commission. Professionally, sharing your link may help generate leads for your services and extend the range of services you're already providing to clients.  


How does it work?

We provide ready-made marketing and social media content and your private affiliate link. You share the content and share in the rewards every time someone makes a purchase using your link.  

Become an Affiliate



The only requirement is a PayPal account. Commissions are sent directly to your account when someone registers for a course. Currently a 5% commission is paid for any purchase made using your unique affiliate link. 

Join the movement!