Linda Powell

Oregon, United States

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I help socially conscious leaders nurture meaningful connections with their team, so that, together, they can inspire a workplace culture of trust, innovation, and community that amplifies their positive impact in the world.

Hi, I’m Linda Powell, Chief Executive and Leadership Coach and Workplace Culture Consultant with Integrated Success.  Our work is rooted in the science and evidence-based best practices that fuel collaboration, belonging, and valuing contributions, which is what employees are looking for today in their workplace.

I support leaders in changing their conversations to elevate their workplace cultures. Using a strengths-based approach that focuses on people’s talents and aspirations, brings out the best in people and generates new knowledge and innovative possibilities. 

Consider what it would mean for your organization to experience lower turnover, greater collaboration, and more confident and authentic leaders.  

Let’s work together with your team to co-create a workplace culture where people flourish and contribute their best!

Certifications I hold include: Conversations Worth Having Facilitator, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach/Facilitator, and ICF-Certified Coach (ACC).  My background includes being an HR and business leader with a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Sociology.  I value these credentials and dedicate myself to continually learning and synthesizing evidence-based strategies, research, and science in ways that are accessible, actionable, and sustainable for everyone in the organization.

The heart and soul of my work is all about helping leaders create workplaces that inspire.

"The best way for organizations to have a positive impact in the world is to inspire the greatness that exists within." ~ Linda Powell, Founder of Integrated Success


 “I am so surprised! People really engaged. The conversations at my table and the whole room were so much more than I’d ever seen in this department before.”   ~ K.I., Senior Leader 

”I purposefully chose to change my communication style to reach a particular employee about challenging behaviors. I was so surprised! The employee engaged in the conversation – for the first time ever – and even asked for help to improve the areas I mentioned.”   ~ S.H., Department Leader

“I have learned so much during this “Nurturing a Culture of Collaboration and Innovation” program! Everything I put into practice works and I am gaining credibility with the employees I lead.”    ~  C.J., Department Leader

“There was a time that I hated coming to work, but now I love this team! We are stronger together because of our differences, and we have each others’ backs.  I can’t believe how far we’ve come in just one year of working with Linda from Integrated Success.”   ~  Charlotte, Team Member

“You know I’m cynical.  That’s my reputation and it's well-deserved. I’ve been here for 26 years and I’ve seen 6 different consultants come through. Nothing ever changes.  But this time is different. I see big changes in how people are interacting. For the first time, I’m actually hopeful.”   ~  M.S., Department Leader