Andrea Falconi


CWH Spanish World Lead

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In the last 9 years, Andrea Falconi has been accompanying executive leaders in discovering their potential for making decisions that are aligned with growth and contribution as key pillars. Andrea has specialized in creating spaces, experiences and programs of transformation and accompaniment to others based on authenticity, conscious leadership and personal development in order to raise the  awareness and scope of those who create a positive and sustainable impact.

Andrea joins the CWH team committed to the transformational value provided by conscious conversations that make individual and collective potential visible.

“I believe in consciousness as the highest form of intelligence. When we become aware of the impact of each choice we make, we transition to a real sense of responsibility and intentionality in our daily work and life. Consciousness is the vehicle to our evolution, conscious leaders are the ignition for human evolution.”

Andrea is an Organizationl Psychologist, NLP Master, Conscious business and leadership Coach, International trainer and speaker, Consultant, Creative Strategist & Human Branding Specialist.


“I was blown away by your presentation and I witnessed one person in particular on the zoom who literally changed her energy over the course of the hour. You created this ripple effect of hope and positivity to many people in one hour. I am so grateful to you and I know everyone else on that zoom was too.”

“The entire team was empowered to speak their mind and share their thoughts. I felt we were able to acknowledge the value in each member and build better working relationships.”