Wendy Farrell

Arizona, United States

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Wendy L. Farrell, M.S.Ed,  is passionate about teaching real world skills that people can incorporate into their work and personal lives to be more productive, healthy and happy. She is an engaging, experienced trainer and facilitator who can customize curriculum for any organization as well as, deliver effective programs virtually and in person. Her areas of specialization and expertise include leadership, employee development, workplace wellness, diversity and inclusion, and culinary education.

For several years, she has facilitated California’s 80-hour supervision training to managers all over the state. She knows what it takes to be a competent manager and inspirational leader. She genuinely enjoys coaching new and veteran bosses to hone their management skill sets and competencies. The curriculum from the Conversations Worth Having Bootcamps fits right in with her teachings for improving communication, managing change, building emotional intelligence, resolving conflict, embracing diversity and solving challenges.

Wendy earned her Bachelors from UC Santa Barbara in Physical Education, a Masters from Colorado State in Corporate Health and Wellness and continues working with organizations to increase their workplace wellness culture and initiatives. Her passion for health and nutrition, as well as feeding three growing boys, led to the creation of her recently published cookbook, Make it Healthy. She has incorporated her healthy eating strategies into virtual cooking classes which have become a popular team building activity. She finds joy in ballroom dancing, kayaking on the beautiful Arizona rivers and lakes, and laughing through a home cooked dinner with her three hilarious sons.