Sylvette Wake

California, United States

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Sylvette Wake is the founder of WakeUp Training, Coaching, and Strategic Planning. Sylvette is committed to helping people develop their strengths and unlock their potential, Sylvette creates safe spaces for learning and growth, and brings a warm, energizing style to her work.  Born a brit, Sylvette managed local and international sporting events for the U.S. Army in West Berlin, Germany and modestly shares credit for the fall of the Berlin Wall during her watch there. Her American husband’s work took them to Delaware, California, and India where she did not cause anything to collapse, but did direct a nonprofit wellbeing company.

Returning to California, Sylvette completed a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University and became the official employed spousal unit, doing stints with various Californian state agencies prior to becoming an independent consultant. Her training repertoire includes: Conversations Worth Having, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Building High Performance Teams, StrengthsFinder and Leadership Development.  She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Fitness Management (Cum Laude) from the University of Delaware.  She is a certified practitioner and facilitator in Conversations Worth Having. She is a certified executive, life, and Strengths-Finder coach.